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Wondering how is this game?

Violetta is the next celebrity with whom you'll be able to play an interesting game, and you will, playing with make up artist for the singer on the Disney Channel that wants to be very nice for an event that will be playing this day. Especially for you, online gaming fan, I still prepared a detailed description of how the game when you start playing to be well informed and do a good job throughout the game. You might be able to make many changes in the eye, because this little game you could makeup you put new colors of the pupil, you might be able to do a different shape to the eyebrows and eyelashes, you can change its skin color and to you with a little powder. You will have to provide the best products of beauty, girl Violetta to be treated with the best, for best results, because if you do a great job, you definitely will visit the salon. For even more games Violeta, visit the Games category, where you have to choose from a selection of awesome games specially made ​​for you, the fans of our site.

You don`t know how to play Violetta Makeover?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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Did you know that..
The game has score: 60 / 100
4 players commented this game.
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1. alexandra,alexandrusa, says:


e frumos dar o urasc pe violeta
1. deny-vyo, says:


1. ioana, says:


este super mi-asi dorii sa fii sora mea
1. sonia , says:


da dragut , imi place te amo martina [te iubesc violettta] si de acum o sa scriu la nume SONIA PISI pentru ca iubesc pisicile dar no sa scriu chiar tot tipual o s scriu doar pe aceasta pagina da ca pe alte pagini scrie doar SONIA sa stiti ca tot eu sunt