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Wondering how is this game?

You've come eventually and the latest game Wheely 2015 that we offer you free course as before! Well, if you do not know who is Wheely, you say that is a red car with a lot of humor and a very beautiful story of love that has already reached a new level. If you want to know more about Wheely red car with eyes Then I suggest you go to the category page where you will find a description of the car, but in addition to this you will find the other games in the series. However, we are in the fourth game, Wheely 4, which is about to begin, but before we tell you some about this Joculete, one thing that players are accustomed Kizi. The game is called Wheely 4: journey through time and continue the story. It's a beautiful day and Wheely was drinking a coffee in town, but you give it away to give over a drain hole in the city and break his wheel, so can not go too well, so we have to go to a mechanic how fast to solve this problem. Blue car driver Bob knows very well the wheel being old friends, so soon as the camera sees them open the door. It tells which driver is the problem and get to solving the problem, but it seems that some changes were too strong for the car Wheely, and one throttle it travels in time and get back when cars were made of wood and the wheels were made of stone! Well, the game Wheely 4: time travel will have to help him pass the Wheely and through these new missions that without you we could not do. We hope you'll enjoy and fourth part of the series of racing games red, and if until now you have not played all joculetele, we recommend you do!

You don`t know how to play Wheely 4: Time Travel?

To play Wheely 4: time travel you will have to use the mouse.

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