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Wondering how is this game?

Dear friends Well I found a continuation of the series of racing games red-eyed, Wheely! Well, we are in the third game of the series, namely the games called Wheely 3! The story in the third game Wheely revolves around a guy with a lot of money, a powerful car that loved pink same machine. The levels during Whelly he would kidnap and you must help him return home to pink car in the shortest time possible, so you have to go through several levels in which your logic and reason will be made test. If you played the second to sfarist, you see that eventually gave the wheel of the car he loved and above this, they became a couple very nice. However, in the new game Wheely 3 continues the story we see the two in a beautiful house. Everything seems to be fine, but it looks like pink car thieves saw some traces in the garage, so Wheely puts the check, and from there begins a whole new story will be back to help the Wheely 2015 to go through all that trouble to come so do a very good job. In addition to this you have to think that if you have a fairly long enough you will not get many points and so you will not get the top players tiny car. Play Wheely 3 and tell us how did you find the third part of the series. In addition to this, stay close to us because these days we will add the website and the fourth part of the game, Wheely 4!

You don`t know how to play Wheely 3?

To play Wheely 3 uses the mouse.

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The game has score: 71 / 100
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