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Hello, well I found a new action game this time with cats warrior. Our game is called Strike Force Kitty and is one of the most played and popular games in 2015 cats that you will find on our website as well as other online gaming sites with or without pisi. You may wonder what you should do in Kitty Strike Force 1 and the answer comes without too many expectations: you and fight. With whom? Well, this question will have to tell you a little story about a king of cats, a gentleman named Pisicescu who had a beautiful queen, but she was kidnapped by some ninja cats and taken far away for those bad cat wanted to make as much money for it. The king committed more war cats to recover, and thus engages and you, playa on because she trusts you as you bring back! It's your job to fight with the many cats and overcome them, because the only way you'll be able to go back home to Queen or King. The game has several levels, each level having all sorts of small missions that if you meet them you will receive points that the end of each level you can upgrade each cat to your team. If you like arcade games, then surely Strike Force Kitty 1 game will appeal to you! Finish Strike Force Kitty 1 and return it to that soon we will add the second game in which I'm sure you'll feel even better! Have fun and tell us your opinion about this game in a commentary for the game page. Good luck and fun.

You don`t know how to play Strike Force Kitty?

Use mouse and arrow keys to play Strike Force Kitty 1.

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