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Wondering how is this game?

Only on our site will you be able to find Scooby Doo Hard Games for the First Time, because we know you like Boomerang Games very much, so as soon as we discovered the Scooby / Scooby Slide Sliding Game, we did everything we have been able to bring you here too, here on our site, where right now you have the chance to play it, and we hope that none of you will miss this opportunity! Obviously, you want to learn how the game works, and that is why we invite you to read the description to the end, where you find out what to do, but how you do it. Scooby and Shaggy will slip down by themselves, and you will press the space bar to make them jump, avoiding the various obstacles on the route. Over some obstacles you have to jump more, so do not just hit the space bar, but press it down. On the way, try to get as many snacks as you can to make a big score, and take the distance required at each level without any incident with any obstacle or trap. We wish you lots of success, and enjoyment to everyone!

You don`t know how to play Scooby Slide?

Use the space bar.

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