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Welcome to a new game belonging to the category of Bunsen Games is a Beast, a game called Bunsen and the Brats, our team having a great deal of fun with this game, so we do not hesitate for a moment that you will have fun, because that's why the game was added to our site first. Do you want to know what you are doing in the game and how? Then just read the following lines from the description with great care! You will use the arrow keys to control Bunsen. With it you have to get to the end of each route, and get all the arms off the trail. You have to crush them before time runs out for that. At the beginning of the game you will see other items that you would better collect, but there are also many traps and obstacles that you should avoid at all costs. Grab the keys and sit on the switches to open the doors to all sorts of secret and interesting rooms. What are you waiting for? You will definitely have fun, so give it a chance at the game right now, and we are sure you will not have any regrets!

You don`t know how to play Arm-A-Gettin'?

Use the arrow keys for this game.

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