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Wondering how is this game?

Whenever we add new Success Games Games to our site, we make a very large number of very happy children in the country, this is one of the most popular series running at the moment on Nickelodeon, so we are sure you want it Play as many beautiful games along with your favorite characters. The game today is one called Games of Success Ice Cream Adventure, about which we will tell you more right now to make sure you have no problem playing it. You will be given a roller coaster, which you will control with the arrows up and down to take you in these two directions. You have to avoid the clouds, because they will shoot with you in lasers, and if you get stuck, you will lose lives, with only three available. Make sure you collect as many objects as possible, because if you have enough energy, you can use a special skill by pressing the X key. The goal is to get as far as you can without losing your lives, and thus get a score As high as possible. You do not have to think, but start playing right away, because it's a decision that you will not regret for a second!

You don`t know how to play Ice Blast?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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