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Wondering how is this game?

This new game incorporates many of the favorite series of yours on Disney Channel , a game where you can choose which one they want to represent and you can always change your mind . Moreover, Hunt Haunted consists of a race car that definitely will attract especially little boys , but in many cases girls are great drivers, and the hunt consists of gathering as fast orange flags before the other cars finish and you to lose the game or the corresponding level . At the first level of vantorii haunted you to choose the car that you like the most of the Liv and Maddie , Phineas and Ferb , Gravity Falls , Good Luck Charlie and others , depending on how good each car in terms of traction , speed and how well you can maneuver the car . Although there are several nice cars , only four will compete in the first level of hunters haunted , of which you have to get in the top three if you want to move on to the next level . The Haunted Hunters may seem a cinch , but it is not so because you have to be very fast to indemnatic and outdoes the rest and you can even use the abbreviated and different bonuses received over the hunters haunted. Have fun and good luck!

You don`t know how to play Haunted Hunt?

Use the ARROW KEYS to control your vehicle.

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The game has score: 67 / 100
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