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Good morning and welcome back to, the place where every day adds the newest and most exciting jocusoare on the internet as it is and this game called the Moana Fisheries, which is the first game fishing in this category. It's about time that such a game to appear, since the film Vaianica, or Moana, occurs mostly at sea. On Moana one to help to catch fish, to have enough to eat, and we will help you, explaining you how the game works on these lines of description, we invite you to read them, if you want to do a great job Hi. A claw will move right and left, you must press the spacebar to do when they get to expand into law a fish to catch him, receiving in exchange points. Catch as many before you drain your time level, and to get to the number of fish needed to advance. You have 60 seconds available. Be careful not to catch and boots or other items that are not fish, because you lose time. No need to waste time but to start play this jocusor right now, and a time to have some fun as possible!

You don`t know how to play Moana Fishing?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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