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Well I found our first game to stimulate thinking , logic games or new simple and beautiful, Luminosity ! We are very happy to show you that playing this game one time per day for 2 or 3 weeks will help you increase your level of attention to distribution and thus will be more attentive, focused and be able to do all the things you we propose a easier and faster. Well, if you think lucrum it is not true , I suggest you try the game and let us know after you 've played about 1 week every day , what kind of scores you get .. not so 've grown very more? This logic game is for children and is free of games , and the games for players who want to increase their IQ . In this game you have to be very careful what you arrows appear on the screen , if the arrow is green , you have to press the same arrow on the keyboard in the shortest time , but if the arrow is red , you have to press exactly opposite of the arrows , so you have to hit the arrows as best you can , in a short time . Have your say about the game in a review, with the scores obtained from him !

You don`t know how to play Luminosity - Opposite Arrows?

Use the arrows to play Luminosity - Hit arrows. When the arrow is green, press the same direction from the keyboard, and when the arrow is red, press the keyboard, opposite the arrow. The game ends when the time has expired.

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