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Wondering how is this game?

Here we are in the first game of its kind, a kind oopla game where you have to make new friends .. or not. This game was created in less than 48 hours after a hard race the largest online game developers met . Flippin game called Dead bear the main character is a calm, cool but it gets pretty nervous when they take a pill .. energy. Well, in the new game Dead Flippin will have to move with your teddy bear criminal and eat as many people . But until now you have to dodge the zombies who want to kill you. You have to get a chest that is drawing a rainbow in order to change the world , and when things change , you turn into a ferocious bear and zombie turns normal people . At this point you'll have to gobble them all as fast as you can. While beware of zombies you have to break some boxes points to climb the top players oopla . We hope you'll like our first game and I was expecting as many games of this genre , skill , strategy and speed

You don`t know how to play Flippin Dead?

Beware of zombies with your teddy bear until you get your hands on a trunk that is drawing a rainbow. When you first 5 minutes that you can eat all the zombies using the arrow keys and X.

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The game has score: 93 / 100
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