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Wondering how is this game?

Together with you we reached the horror 3d game that I've found so far on the entire internet ! Yes , you heard right , this is the scariest game that you will find . The game is called Anonymous Messages, and translated into Romanian would sound something like anonymous posts . This game is something kind 3D Horror Slender Man , Slender Man . Since you start the game , horror and terror over you , and a macabre theme accompanies you permanently. It's dark , you're somewhere very high , fall , helping the earth when you realize you're in a forest , it's dark , everything looks very scary , and did so even is ! Do you have a lucky , lucky your light is on you , so you can open it and see how a forest cat . Everything looks the same, because trees are next to each other , but occasionally one tree stranger appears , and if you listen to me , stay away from him! Those trees are not like others to know they are haunted , so the forest is called the forest cursed horror , magic , haunted or monster trees. Well, from time to time you saw a brightly colored dust that far will sclipii , you have to go to him for Acol 'll find a message from a man who was also Acol , which actually is the creator forest unity 3D horror ! Finding as many messages from the creator enchanted forest , you will find the answers you are looking for, and maybe you could put an end to this horror experiences . This game is a bad horror in the forest where you will always be on the run if you want to finish . We hope you like our new 3D horror game online , and you expect as many other horror games like the slender man!

You don`t know how to play Horror 3D?

To play 3D Horror, you will have to use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move. Press F to turn on the flashlight, and all the F to turn it off. To better guide you in the woods, use the mouse. To play back a message you have heard, but did not you understand, press R.

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