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Wondering how is this game?

Together with you we reached the horror 3d game that I've found so far on the entire internet ! Yes , you heard right , this is the scariest game that you will find . The game is called Anonymous Messages, and translated into Romanian would sound something like anonymous posts . This game is something kind 3D Horror Slender Man , Slender Man . Since you start the game , horror and terror over you , and a macabre theme accompanies you permanently. It's dark , you're somewhere very high , fall , helping the earth when you realize you're in a forest , it's dark , everything looks very scary , and did so even is ! Do you have a lucky , lucky your light is on you , so you can open it and see how a forest cat . Everything looks the same, because trees are next to each other , but occasionally one tree stranger appears , and if you listen to me , stay away from him! Those trees are not like others to know they are haunted , so the forest is called the forest cursed horror , magic , haunted or monster trees. Well, from time to time you saw a brightly colored dust that far will sclipii , you have to go to him for Acol 'll find a message from a man who was also Acol , which actually is the creator forest unity 3D horror ! Finding as many messages from the creator enchanted forest , you will find the answers you are looking for, and maybe you could put an end to this horror experiences . This game is a bad horror in the forest where you will always be on the run if you want to finish . We hope you like our new 3D horror game online , and you expect as many other horror games like the slender man!

You don`t know how to play Horror 3D?

To play 3D Horror, you will have to use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move. Press F to turn on the flashlight, and all the F to turn it off. To better guide you in the woods, use the mouse. To play back a message you have heard, but did not you understand, press R.

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The game has score: 69 / 100
6 players commented this game.
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1. victoria, says:


imi da fiori acest joc
1. aless, says:


jocul este prost
1. madalina , says:


wat ce nici nu exzista acest joc ce ieste in acest joc nu este adevarat este doar un om mare cu bratele mari si la fel picioarele.acest joc sa facut doar sa ne sperie pe noi...personajele nu exzista.
1. daria, says:


voi credeti nu-mai in prosti nici macar nu existA
1. duicu , says:


1. danu, says: