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We are pleased to present the latest jocut added to the category of Finn and Jake Games, one of the most popular categories of games Cartoon Network series Adventure Time that is watched by many children, and is very appreciated by all world. This is called Finn jocuroi blind, and is a run and jump game where you have to prove your agility, concentration and your skills in using the mouse. The mechanism of the game, and different directions that help you play you will be provided later in this description, so we advise you to read carefully, and you'll see that these tips will fit along the game. You will play in three locations in this universe Adventure Time, and you will start with the United sweets. The first level there is a tutorial, and is the easiest to play level, in which you'll learn how to play, which is very easy. You have to mouse down and take him up to jump, and twice to jump higher. Hold your mouse down and shoot it down if you're rolling as. You must avoid all creatures, different obstacles, and jump over precipices. Also, you must collect as many diamonds, and your score will increase depending on the distance. Strange three phones in the route you to fulfill all objectives. Stay on www.jocuri-Kizi site, to always have the opportunity to play the hottest games online, as you will find only on this site.

You don`t know how to play Blind Finned 2?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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