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Wondering how is this game?

Dear friends we are very glad to present you the first game in the new category of racing games, namely games or red car red car, although most titles will refer to Wheely car! Well, this game like the others in the series is one of the arcade with different levels where you have to help the car to go through all sorts of missions. The first game is called Wheely January and beginning of the story takes us to where we are shown his life Wheely sports car shop. No buyer was not interested in the little red car with eyes that was not as fast as the other cars like Ferrari, Bugatti, and so on. Although the sale of put different panels with lower prices than in the real price, no one wanted to buy it, and Wheely felt increasingly worse because no one wanted, even if it was a good motor, wheels new arpins red color and was maintained well. The story reaches its climax when watching TV Wheely see a presentation of the largest and competition cars that really wants to participate for only thus can they prove to everyone that she is a fast car, a car speed. From here begins a new story between Wheely and player on Kizi. You have to help the red car to go through various situations that only with your help can reach the final. Try to pass all levels with a score as high as it will make the Uili to be more happy. We hope you enjoyed our first game Wheely one, and you are waiting for the continuation of the series!

You don`t know how to play Wheely 1?

Use the mouse to play Wheely one.

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The game has score: 72 / 100
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