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Wondering how is this game?

Pou waiting right now to play the latest games offered by this game called Pou and toys, games as you should not miss with any price, no matter what age you because you will have a great time, being accessible to any player. Besides the fact that you have to trust in your abilities to play, do you need another very important to win every game you play, namely to read carefully the description of the game, as his toys to have the necessary information in an easy and secure victory to you, for you have to devote yourself completely, and give everything you better as a player, for only thus will persevere. We hope you are skilful, because you have to use the mouse as well as to earn a lot of points, with Pou. Toys will fall from the top of the screen that you will throw in the basket on the right, controlling the Pou site so as to hit toys, and redirect them to the cart, you accumulating points for each toy parte.Pou and toys is just one of many skill jocusoare on our site, and so I call you to try other great games because you have nothing to lose, and you play very dear all our games will guarantee!

You don`t know how to play Pou's Toys?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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