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Wondering how is this game?

We invite you right now to play the second game of the day Pou game called Strange it on Pou, which is a game that sounds strange, but we guarantee that once you start playing, you'll like, and was great fun, as do every little game with Pou. We hope that you will give your best to play and win Joculete it. Because we want you to do a good job, I have already played this game, we offer you the following description very good and important information that will help you when playing the game and winning it. On a plate you have more Pou nice, but unfortunately, going to have a very terrible fate. With the mouse, click on one of them, and then continue to click until the red bar fills, and it spartgi. So have to do with each other in a short time, to win Joculete. Think you can gather them Pou these cute? If you liked this little game, and do not forget to give us a like or share on Facebook, in order to continue to bring you the hottest jocusoare! Stay on-site www.jocuri kizi to have always the chance to play the hottest cool online environment, as only in this site you will find.

You don`t know how to play Squeeze Pou?

You will use the mouse for this game.

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The game has score: 44 / 100
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